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K. G. Katamadze, N. A. Borshchevskaya, I. V. Dyakonov, A. V. Paterova and S. P. Kulik,
«Intracavity generation of broadband biphotons in a thin crystal»,
Laser Physics Letters, 10(4), 045203 (2013).

We propose and realize a method of high intensity generation of broadband biphotons and achieve its value up to 150 THz. The source is based on a thin BBO crystal with a thickness of 100 microns, in which spontaneous parametric down-conversion takes place. To compensate for the intensity decrease of the down-conversion caused by the small thickness of the crystal, it is placed inside the cavity of an Ar^{+} laser. In general, this experiment relates to the widely discussed problem of two-photon shaping in the frequency and/or angular domain.

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