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M. V. Fedorov, P. A. Volkov, J. M. Mikhailova, S. S. Straupe and S. P. Kulik,
«Entanglement of biphoton states: qutrits and ququarts»,
New Journal of Physics, 13(8), 083004 (2011).

We investigate, in a general form, entanglement of biphoton qutrits and ququarts, i.e. states formed in the processes of, correspondingly, degenerate and non-degenerate spontaneous parametric down-conversion. Indistinguishability of photons and, for ququarts, joint presence of the frequency and polarization entanglement are fully taken into account. In the case of qutrits, the most general three-parametric families of maximally entangled and non-entangled states are found, and anticorrelation of the degree of entanglement and polarization is shown to occur and to be characterized by a rather simple formula. Biphoton ququarts are shown to be two-qudits with the single-photon Hilbert space dimensionality d=4, which differentiates them significantly from the often used two-qubit model (d=2). New expressions for entanglement quantifiers of biphoton ququarts are derived and discussed. Rather simple procedures for a direct measurement of the degree of entanglement are described for both qutrits and ququarts.

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