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A. P. Shurupov and S. P. Kulik,
«Security of Quantum Key Distribution Protocol Based on Ququarts»,
in Quantum Communication and Security, Vol. 11, Edited by M. Zukowski, S. Kilin and J. Kowalik. IOS Press (NATO Science Series), 2007. pp.123–132. ISBN: 978-1-58603-7.

We discuss the security of QKD protocol with four-state system based on single spatial and frequency non-degenerate down converted photons. Simple schemes for biphoton generation and their deterministic measurements are analyzed. Three main incoherent attacks (intercept-resend, intermediate basis and optimal attack) on QKD protocol in Hilbert space with dimension D=4 using three mutually unbiased bases were analyzed. It has been shown that QKD protocol with four-dimensional states belonging to three mutually unbiased bases provides better security against the noise and eavesdropping than protocols exploiting two bases with qubits and ququarts.

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