1. Dmitry A.KORYSTOV
1999-2002 (defended). Thesis title:
"Interferometry of Spontaneous Parametric Down-Conversion"
2002- 2005 (defended). Thesis title:
"Polarization Three-level Systems Based on Biphoton Field"
3. Leonid A. KRIVITSKY
2003-2005 (defended). Thesis title:
"Transformation and Measurement of Biphotons"
4. Ekaterina V. MOREVA
2005-2007 (defended). Thesis title:
"Correlated bipartite systems: Measurement, control and possible applications"
5. Alexander P.SHURUPOV
2007-2010. Suggested thesis title:
"Multidimensional optical quantum systems in problems of quantum communication"
6. Alexander A. SOLOV'EV
2008-2011. Suggested thesis title:
"Polarized Biphotones in spatially inhomogeneous media;
7. lattice vacancy:
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8. lattice vacancy:
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