Quantum Information Laboratory

Quantum Information and Quantum Optics Laboratory

Financial Support

ProjectNameFinanced byStartFinish
International projects
BRISQ2Bright Squeezed Vacuumfunding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme under grant agreement № 30880320122015
SCUQISSecure Communication Using Quantum Information Systemsfunding from NATO Science for Peace under grant agreement № SfP 98439720122014
Nanoquintfunding from the European Union Sixth Framework Programme under grant agreement № 175 (ERA.NET RUS Pilot Joint Call in Collaborative S&T Projects)20122013
Russian projects
8393Nonlinear and Quantum Optics of Low-dimensional Structures with Temporal and Spatial ResolutionFederal Program of the Russian Ministry of Education and Science20122014
12-02-31041 мол_аHigh-dimensional entanglement in spatial degrees of freedom of biphoton fieldRussian Foundation for Basic Research20122013
12-02-31792 мол_аDouble-pass scheme for quantum cryptographyRussian Foundation for Basic Research20122013

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